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maldives coconut

A Drink From Heaven

Amazingly tasty welcome drink also means a great deal of health benefits. The fruit of the national tree of Maldives...

maldives crab

Nature's Cleaning Robot

Wakes up at night and clean the white sand beaches for humans to enjoy in day time. No pay, no complaints, enjoy the job...

maldives sandbank

Mirraculous Sandbanks

Sandbanks are like living creatures. They get submerged under water once a day to clean it self, moves location, wash and polish theirs sands...

COMO Maalifushi gains popularity among surfers

The COMO Hotels' newest island resort called COMO Maalifuhsi is a luxury island resort entirely surrounded by corals. It is the first and only resort located in the southern reaches of the tranquil Thaa Atoll which is a 60 minutes [read]

Renewal of wedding vows in the Maldives

There comes a time when you have to rekindle the love in your engagement with your partner. A crucial and important truce that should be secured to avoid falling out and leaving each other. Rekindling the love ensures continuous [read]

Best house reef to see octopus in the Maldives

I was amazed after seeing so many octopuses in the reef. It did not take long to discover these creatures which are usually very difficult spot as they are blend to the surrounding. But, in this reef it took less than 15 minutes [read]

Best Maldives Resorts For Snorkeling

There are many websites listing the best Maldives resorts for snorkeling. So far I have not written on this subject because tracing out the best resorts for snorkeling is a difficult to accomplish with high [read]

Cake Donors - bake for charity

A group Maldivian women has come forward baking cakes for charity. They call themselves Cake Donors and have already held some fund rising events to help the less fortunate in the society. The group consists of about 80 people and [read]

Where is Maldives? Exact location and more

When people see pictures of Maldives the very first question they ask is "where is Maldives?". The answer, it is in South Asia, next to Sri Lanka and India. Maldives are scattered islands in the Indian Ocean. The [read]


Maldives Best by Nature

Often said as made by nature, Maldives is a product of nature. The beauty lies everywhere. Islands of different shapes and sizes offer you a unique taste in every place. Sometimes the islands are inter-connected through shallow water in the lagoon. Natural vegetation is different from island to island. So are the house reefs and their inhabitants. If you are journeying through Maldives you will come across multiple spots where you hold your breath. Especially when you feel it the best you have ever experienced. As you move on, you will see several best spots in the Maldives, be it an island or a reef to dive.

Best is a very personal word when you apply to Maldives. We, having born and rised in Maldives, it is often difficult to single out the best island or best reef in Maldives. We often say one of the best while recommending a resort. You may want to check out these Maldives resorts (with photos) and you can select the one you like for further research. Every resort comes with a picture that you can enlarge. You can also use keyboard arrows for easy navitation. Maldives Resort Ranking shows best resorts based on guest reviews, most are luxury resorts. There is a ranking for 4 star resorts which show the top 10. Hope this helps.

We are a team of experienced locals. Prior to starting Maldives Best, we spent years working at different resorts. And here we share our experience to help you get the best holiday in Maldives. We offer free recommendation and advice. In future we will launch some unique services that are not currently available in the Maldives. We have one aim, give you the best holiday in Maldives.

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