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maldives coconut

A Drink From Heaven

Amazingly tasty welcome drink also means a great deal of health benefits. The fruit of the national tree of Maldives...

Nature's Cleaning Robot

Wakes up at night and clean the white sand beaches for humans to enjoy in day time. No pay, no complaints, enjoy the job...

maldives sandbank

Mirraculous Sandbanks

Sandbanks are like living creatures. They get submerged under water once a day to clean it self, moves location, wash and polish theirs sands...

Long queues at Male Velana Airport

The year 2023 has turned out to be a highly successful tourism year to the island nation of Maldives. From January onwards the tourist arrivals have drastically increased. In March and April the tourism used to slow down in [read]

Maldives Best Resorts For Ultimate Holiday In 2023

If you are planning a holiday to Maldives in 2023 this article is going to tell the best resorts from 170 different islands. First of all, Maldives today is well known for luxury resorts with powdery white sand just infront of the [read]

This Guest Request Software Has Huge Potential

One of the best ways to enhance service quality is to seize the opportunity of interacting with guests when they make special requests. HotelReq offers a software to manage guest requests online. There are 3 key features that make [read]

Tourism is booming in Maldives after Covid pandemic

According to the information provided by the Maldives Tourism Ministry that country welcomed 1.6 million tourists in 2022. This marks the 2nd highest year of tourist arrival into the country. The Maldives welcomed highest tourist [read]

COMO Maalifushi gains popularity among surfers

The COMO Hotels' newest island resort called COMO Maalifuhsi is a luxury island resort entirely surrounded by corals. It is the first and only resort located in the southern reaches of the tranquil Thaa Atoll which is a 60 minutes [read]

Renewal of wedding vows in the Maldives

There comes a time when you have to rekindle the love in your engagement with your partner. A crucial and important truce that should be secured to avoid falling out and leaving each other. Rekindling the love ensures continuous [read]