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You prefer great accommodation or awesome food?

Lets make it simple. Maldives is a luxury destination. Having talked to many tourists as part of my career, I know there are a lot of honeymooners who use years of savings for their honeymoon in Maldives. There's nothing wrong in that. Using funds for such an important event in your life makes perfect sense. But, if you read through more factors before selecting an island for your Maldives holiday it could mean a lot more perfection, be it honeymoon or annual vacation.

Here comes the actual question. You prefer great accommodation or great food? Of cause, both are important. But I really dont like to hear you say both are equally important. Here's why.

Maldives is an amazingly beautiful country. If you get a clean room with amenities as per your budget, its good enough accommodation as beautiful nature is out there to spend all your time. Get spoiled and get lost yourself. But, if you get horrible food and great room there's no way you can enjoy a holiday. So, I dont agree if you say accommodation and food are equally important. Both are definitely important but not equal, not even close to being equal when it comes to Maldives.

So, I would recommend you to look into dining options and available cuisines while selecting a resort. Ask hotel how many restaurants they have. Normally the Main Restaurant offers international cuisine with rotating theme nights that are suitable for guests enjoying international food. Many resorts have special steak houses, but expect the prices to be higher. If you have a special diet or you are vegetarian it is better to let the hotel know it before you book. Then they will tell you if they are flexible and you can talk to Executive Chef upon arrival and he will normally cook a special meal for you. There are some resorts that have vegetarian items on the menu at different restaurants. So, there's always something for you without asking for special meal.

Later I will write about the recommended resorts in terms of food while not neglecting you from the beauty of Maldives. In fact some great resorts for dining options and culinary are also best in terms of natural beauty.

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