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Best practices for snorkeling

Underwater coral gardens are beautiful wonderlands in the Maldives. Every resort is equipped with a dive centre and conducts classes for beginners if you have never dived before. Non-divers enjoy snorkeling the reef. All resorts have house-reef and many colourful fish lives there. But, before you head to the reef its better to visit the Water Sports Centre and have a chat with the staff. Ask them about the best spot of the reef, the current and wear life jacket if you are not a strong swimmer. To be safe, do not go for snorkeling alone, always accompany your partner of friends. Check weather forecast to be sure weather wont change all of a sudden during the snorkeling. Its not advisable to snorkel if weather is too windy or rainy. There are some access channels to reach reef, proceed through these channels rather than walking on the reef as it might hurt you with the waves. Check the current, just stay still and see which side the current drags you and follow the current. You will get tired quickly if you swim against the current. Stay close to each other. Do not touch coral or shells. See the beauty and take photos. Do not get too close moray eels, I suggest to keep 10 feet distance. Dont be afraid of sharks if you see any, they are friendly and wont come too close. Try to stay in sight of other people on the island for best safety practice. If current is strong I wouldnt advice to snorkel unless you are strong swimmers or have other people around you.


If you are devoted to snorkeling we recommend that you book one of the top 10 snorkeling resorts which is about the house reef. While most of the resorts do have house reef there are few that do not. The Top Ten list is based on quality of house reef. In general Maldives reefs are very good. Like in everything, in reefs there are the best ones and very good ones, ok reefs too. If you are visiting Maldives for the first time or have visited few times you might not have the opportunity to explore a lot of places, in this case you might end up recommending others based on your experience. The top 10 house reefs (via is the link) is something compiled by experienced locals. There are 4 star resorts and 5 star resorts too. So, there is something for everyone.

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