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New Wellness Resort in Maldives

Editor's Blog: Health and wellness is said to be a luxury people often forget. But, now it seems Maldives needs a health and wellness resort to serve upmarket tourists. The people of the present generation, in general, seems to have more health problems and many of these are related to diet one way or the other. The other day, a post on my facebook wall said that pharmaceutical companies dont create cures, they create customers. Another one with a fridge fully stocked with fruits and vegetables said "God's Pharmacy".

wellness resort maldives

The new Wellness Resort should be made on large island with enough land area for organic farming, or a big island has to be located in close proximity to Wellness Resort. All vegetables and fruits that grow in Maldives should be farmed in large scale and catered to all needs of the resort, excess can be sold out in other markets.

Wellness Resort should have the following

1. Anti-again fruits and vetegables such as coconuts, cucumber etc. Young coconut is said to be one of the anti-aging fruits and it grows well in Maldives. There should be enough quantity to provide at least 1 coconut for each guest, daily, and of good size. So does cucumber etc.

2. Natural slimming fruits and vegies: Noni is one that is native to Maldives that helps you slim naturally. It is also an anti-aging fruit. It is also known for its anti-cancer attribute.

3. Fruits and vegetables of different colours: Different colour are said to be for different functions of a healthy diet. For example, red tomato good being good for heart. There has to be a huge variety.

If this Wellness Resort becomes practical it could be very popular in the luxury travel market. Imagine a rich, over sized, girl comes to a 30 day holiday in MAldives and goes back with a slim body. After all its all natural ingredients that do the magic, with no pharmaceutical product consumed. Then it will be the natural ingredients that create cure as well as customers.

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