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Cake Donors - bake for charity

A group Maldivian women has come forward baking cakes for charity. They call themselves Cake Donors and have already held some fund rising events to help the less fortunate in the society. The group consists of about 80 people and every month they organise one charity event in which everyone bakes cake and sell them in the streets and public places. The courages women of Cake Donors are assisting people in unusual health conditions to get better treatment.

Last event help this month rised MVR97,000. The funds were immediately handed over to a family that had their son suffering an extremely rare condition. Zahil's internal organs are too weak and weak digestive systems are not allowing him to take meals. This has made his body so weak that bones are sticking out. It is apparent that his body is suffering of hunger.

Zahil's family had previously consulted doctors in India and did some operations. Now it seems there is nothing you could do in this region.

Thanks to the women who took initiative to do something to help people in need. The little effort has turned out an incredible success story bringing new hope for many people in need like Zahil.

Seemingly it is just a little effort. But to physically deliver the work, every month, would not be just a simple act. It takes dedication and commitment, and you do not earn a single penny but spent out of your pocket to buy ingredients, prepare an attractive collection of sweet assortments and sell off in the streets. Doing just one part of these won't complete the job, it takes complete work to get the fruit. Without dedication and commitment you can't be part of Cake Donors. Bravo to these credibly brave women.

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