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Male' the Capital of Maldives

Male' (pronounced: "Maa-leh") is the capital of Maldives which is home to over 100,000 residents out of country's 300,000 total population. Capital Male' is just 10 minutes away from main international airport. Regular ferries are operated between Male' and the airport, day and night.

Male' the capital of Maldives is one of the biggest islands in the country. You can walk to any place, but taxis are cheap if you like to take one, for just $2 you can go drive to any place. There are lot of shops everywhere in the streets. From convenient stores to fashion boutiques and groceries, shops are spread all over capital Male'.

Tourist Attractions in the Capital of Maldives:
Fish Market
Grand Mosque
Local Market
Hukuru Miskiy or the old friday mosque
Souvenir shops
Various Restaurants

Local market offers lot of local products. If you happen to go there dont miss Young Coconut, it is very tasty, healthy and very cheap. Its distinctive flavour is unique and its an exotic fruit. In the ancient days when the locals did not have proper healthcare facilities it was said that Young Coconut was the first remedy for any sickness. One thing is certain, it gives a lot of energy. Its a refreshing drink the mid-day sun too.

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