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Xi An Accommodation and Apartments from good locations

If you are a foreigner visiting Xi-An, China its important to choose your accommodation from a good location for your stay. Hotels in good locations are costly. There are some budget hotels in Xi An, but I found a better and cheaper way. Go for apartments. You get clean, spacious rooms with all the basic amenities. These apartments look better than cheap hotels.

I found a travel agent who provides apartments for foreigners. They can speak English and understand traveler needs. Their apartments in Xian are located in walking distance to shopping malls, supermarkets, ATMs, restaurants, bus stops etc. The apartment I stayed was in 16th floor, just beside a famous Hotpot restaurant called Little Sheep. Tourists who enjoy international cuisine, Chinese or Indian food would love hot pot, it is very famous in Xi An.

The travel agent also arranges sigh-seeing tours and visit to Tera-quota and other tourist attractions in Xian.

Xian Travel agent contacts (English speaking):

Phone: +8602984204671
Mobile: +8613072966500
Skype: smiletovicky

Contact the agent for pictures of available apartments in Xi An. Prices are between $20 - $40 per night. Ask to make it cheaper if you are staying longer.

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