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Coconut a drink from heaven

Drink it for its amazingly delicious taste or its endless health benefits. You can also eat the white flesh of young coconut. Maldives grows lot of coconuts and its available in many resorts if not all. You can also buy coconuts from local islands or in Local Market in capital Male'.
coconut palm

History of Coconut in Maldives:
Coconut Tree is the national tree of Maldives. It is said nothing goes to waste out of a coconut tree. The timber was traditionally used for building boats, roof structure of houses, furniture etc. Young coconut was consumed as a fruit. Then the coconut gets older it gets fallen down from trees, people collect them and bring home for cooking curry with coconut milk or make oil. The coconut shell can be used as char for grilling food fish or even in char-based irons. Coconut fibre is still used to make coir ropes. The coconut leaves are used as thatch for roofing. Any cut pieces can be used to start fire for cooking. A drink called toddy is also taken from coconut tree which can be cooked to make sugar. Really nothing goes to waste.

Coconut the traditional remedy:
In Maldives the islands are dispersed over a large area of sea. Small populations in every island made it difficult for government to provide healthcare facilities in the ancient days. Herbal and ayurvedic treatments were answer for every heath issue. When people fall sick coconut water was given to boost energy. This seems to have worked pretty well. No drink is more popular even today to energize the sick. Especially if one vomits badly, coconut is the best.

Coconut and Beauty:
maldivian lady
Today you can find coconut is used to make lot of beauty products. Less facial wrinkles in Maldivian people could also be a result of coconut consumption. I am not a doctor, but a quick google search reveals many interesting facts about coconut and beauty. Amazingly, from one angle the coconut looks like a face with husks removed.

Young coconut and VIP Service:
coconut drink
The highest class of hospitality services welcomes with young coconut even today. Be it a celebrity visiting Maldives or a government delegation from United States, the coconut offers the warmest welcome to Maldives.

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