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Dhaainkan'baa Luxury Cruise

Named after Sultana Dhaainkan'baa Dhi Kilege Mahaarehendhi, the Queen of Maldives from 1384 to 1388 AD, a ruler who was known for her apparently wealthy beauty and a lifestyle of sheer splendor, the cruise offers an unforgettable savvy of luxury befitting and worthy of royalty sailing on the pristine waters of the Maldive Isles.

The cruise have been designed and built with the optimum comfort of the guest in mind, giving spaciousness and a fine mix of modernity and tradition seen in the elaborate details and elegance of all aspects of craftmanship. The mesmeric atmosphere created by the decor of handcrafted wood works, lavish contemporary furnishings, individually selected pieces of furniture and suitably matched amenities, will provide the utmost relaxation when you cruise through the tranquil beauty of the coral atolls.

We will fulfill your fantasies & dreams and make it a memorable exploration, be it the cruise of your honeymoon, birthday celebration, a leisure retreat or your underwater exploratory tour. Let our 20 dedicated staff and crew members, well experienced and trained in their respective fields of service, pamper you with their friendly smiles and enthusiasm to ensure you have a truly spectacular exploration.

Dhaainkan\'baa [pronounced dhaa-in-kan-baa], is undoubtedly the most exclusive and luxurious liveaboard cruise in the Maldives unmatched by any in facilities, services & staff to guest ratio, or just plain looks.

What better way to experience the natural pleasures of the divine seas of unimaginable turquoise and blue shades, the colors and the abundant marine life of the underwater world, and the crystal white sandy beaches of the tiny coral island of the Maldives than onboard the floating palace of Queen Dhaainkan'baa!

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