maldives flight schedule

Flight Schedule of Male International Airport

This is a live updated flight schedule of Maldives from Male' International Airport (Ibrahim Nasir International Airport) in Hulhule' Island. Male' International Airport is your main gateway to Maldives. All times are local time in Maldives

Here you can also checks flights to Maldives originating from different countries. Maldives is well connected via Singapore, Dubai and Thailand. If you can't get direct flight visit SkyScanner to get the cheapest discounted fare from almost all airlines operating to Maldives. You can book online and get instant confirmation. If you have a special requirement such as a personal welcome and assistance on arrival at airport you can obtain the service by writing to them. But, before you book a flight for holiday to foreign land, you need to check and confirm about visa. In case of Maldives it is very easy, for all countries the Maldives offers free tourist visa on arrival at airport. Hence, visa is not required prior to arrival. The free tourist visa is valid for 30 days.

You may book one of the 90 Maldives resortsprior to arrival to guarantee availability. In high season sometimes the whole country gets fully booked. April to September is considered low season, its not necessary to have confirmed booking prior to arrival but recommended to make your holiday a smooth one.

There is a separate terminal for domestic flights, it is in walking distance, just few minutes. Other two terminals are for seaplanes. At the exit there are seaplane counters, from there you can check-in and proceed to bus which takes you to the seaplane terminal.

Read about Maldives and location of islands if you dont know where is Maldives or how to reach Maldives you may want to check out our partner sites for recent information.

In order to gain entry to Maldives as tourist you must hold a passport that has at least 6 months to expiration date, a valid return ticket and hotel voucher. There are some tourists arriving without hotel reservation, in such cases you should have sufficient money to spend your holiday. Arriving Maldives with confirmed booking and hotel voucher is the best way to gain entry and has the highest chance of success. There cases are in which tourists are sent back, this happens mostly to African and Asia nationalities that are well known illegally working in Maldives in and other countries. Europeans countries and Asian countries, or countries of other continents, usually have no problem even if they do not hotel hotel voucher.

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