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Flying fish of Maldives

Have you ever spotted something gliding over the surface of the water while out on a boat? Its not a bird, its not a plane, its a flying fish. It belong to a family of fish called Exocoetidae. There are 64 species of fish in this family. These fish can make powerful leaps out of water into the air, using their long, wing-like fins to glide for considerable distances above the water's surface. This uncommon ability is a natural defense mechanism to evade predators. To glide up out of the water, a flying fish moves its tail up to 70 times per second. It then spreads its pectoral fins and tilts them slightly upward to provide lift. At the end of a glide, it folds its pectoral fins to reenter the sea. Keep a lookout next time youre out for these multi-talented fish.

flying fish

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