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Great Wonder of Maldives Beaches

Ever wondered why beaches in Maldives islands so nice and clean? The facts are unimaginable! Its a great wonder of nature.I used to work at resorts and every day I walked the beach several times, it was my daily routine. Sunrise and sunset were my usual times, like my self I see lot of guests enjoying the incredible view. I feel happy to see people enjoying the moments. For 6 years I used to watch sunset every day and still its not enough.Every time I walked on the beach it was a thankful moment of appreciation for the nature's wonderfulness. It was a time I deeply think of the nature's amazement. So much happens behind the scene, people dont realise it and that's how perfect the nature is.

The day time when you walk its a clean beach, but at night its a busy work field with workers all over. If its hard to believe, just take a small pinch of bread and throw it on the beach at night. Almost instantly the beach crabs will grab it and take it for food. Yes, the beach crabs make up a great workforce, difference is their high motivation, they never get tired and works busily until day time. They eat several tiny little particles washed up on the beach. Dead fish, algae and insects are often too small to be cleaned by humans. So, these crabs do the job every night and they do it to the perfection. Before sunrise they finish all the work and gets hidden beneath the sand, leaving the super cleaned beach for humans to enjoy.Unpaid workers never lose tiny a bit of motivation and never tell the humans about their hardship. All thanks to nature!

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