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This Guest Request Software Has Huge Potential

One of the best ways to enhance service quality is to seize the opportunity of interacting with guests when they make special requests. HotelReq offers a software to manage guest requests online. There are 3 key features that make this solution stand out. It is connected to Telegram to send instant notification to relevant Telegram group of the hotel, and each guest request is given a time-frame. The official HotelReq website clearly states that the status updates for each guest request should be done the staff who fulfilled the particular request, instead of a third person such as coordinator. This leads to completely transparency in terms of who delivered the actual work, hence makes the staff fully accountable. The computer software having the knowledge of the staff who completed each task, could use the information to trace-back imperfections and flaws that may be discovered in service. Therefore, staff has the tendency to perform better and be more consistent at work.


HotelReq Guest Request Management Software is not a property management system, it handles only guest requests. If Opera has the functionality for guest requests it is either not user friendly or lacks smart features. HotelReqs solution is simple but solid as a solution, it has a strategy to produce better results with same human capital employed in the hotel. The software costs less than $100 per month which is very affordable, small hotels can start from $30/month. Cheapest solution is not always the best. But, HotelReqs software has great potential while being cheap. Lets see how it works.

Front Desk or any member of the staff who has access to HotelReq can create a new request. The staff can login, input the details of request, assign number of minutes for the tasks and select the relevant departs and click the save button. The web software immediately send the message to relevant Telegram Groups of the hotel. Any staff can login to HotelReq and change status of each request. Status changes are updated to Telegram groups. Any request that has not been fulfilled during the given period of time it gets escalated to HOD, further delays cause the escalation going to GM or the configured Telegram group of higher authority. HotelReq says the status updates should be done by the staff member responsible for fulfilled the task, in order to track perform of staff.

Opera PMS was once the dominant hotel software, that trend is now changing. Opera ruled the world as the king of hotel softwares. Web-hosted Property Management Systems came to existence in the last 5 years. Todays hospitality industry requires more than just PMS which does not have all the features needed. Now there are service quality management softwares, accounting and finance solutions to full HR handling available online.

Opera was mostly on-premise hosted, meaning the hotel has a local server which powers up the software. Computers are connected via LAN. This method has a huge drawback, you cannot access the PMS software outside of the Local Area Network. Cloud hosted or web hosted softwares make the access easy for all the staff. You just need an internet connection and a web browser. You dont need to install any software to open online PMS. Thats not all, the online hotel softwares are drastically cheaper than locally hosted softwares. The on-premise solutions also require expensive IT infrastructure in the hotel. Whereas in the internet based solutions the service provider takes care of the backups and other hosting related matters. Locally hosted on-premise softwares work faster as there is no internet connection required. But, web-hosted systems are not that slow either as todays internet speed in every country is quite fast and getting faster year by year.

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