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Amazing Surf Video Maldives

Few years back Billabong organised a surf championship in Maldives and this video was shot during that event at Adaaran Hudhuranfushi. The resort is one of the most famous surf points in Male' Atoll. I was looking to present a good surf video this one instantly grabbed my attention. Its very clear, shots are taken from above and beneath the waves. The cameraman is not shaky. All in all its high quality surf video.

Surfing started in Maldives several decades back. Those days a few rich people owned surf boards and most of the surfers used a sheet of timber taken from bed. The local-made beds had sheets of timber under the mattress and surfers took these as surf boards. As time passed by, the prosperity level increased and curious surfers were able to afford a surf board. Nowadays you no longer see timber boards.

Wooden boards were better in one perspective, it was available for everyone to try surfing. You dont necessary need to invest to try out your skills out of the interest. That is how lot of Maldivians started surfing and you see some of them today as professional surfers.

In Maldives, surfing is a sport for men only. In other countries both men and women love surfing, you can also see lot of Australian girls on the video. But, even now you dont see any Maldivian girl surfing. Its not prohibited or not allowed, its just that Maldivian girls are not yet used to it or believe its just for men. When I was young I also went surfing with the wooden board. At the beginning it was not easy at all, but after many days I was able to enjoy it. Yet, I couldnt stand on the board.

Those days it was done without supervision of life guards. Everyone was individual and on their own. Sometimes the current was very strong and you cant go the surf point. Even myself, I felt scared to pass a channel in between surf point and beach. I used wait in the shallow until I find someone to accompany. It was good idea not to handle risks alone. Especially in the absence of life guard.

In capital Male' there is a surf point. You can see many surfers enjoy there, among them you often find foreigners too. In this place there is a life guard station as well. Though, I have seen any lifeguard there. But, this area is often visited by bike riders and pedestrians. If anything goes, wrong probably someone would see that. But, so far I have not heard of any incident here.

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