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Be careful in airports when you travel

This post is not particular to Maldives and is intended to provide awareness when you travel within the country or aboard in any country. We travel for different purposes and these days there are some people who use tricks to fulfill their purpose. Below is a video that shows some concealed items in a water bottle. By looking at the bottle you dont notice anything wrong. Then a few seconds later you see the concealed items, the trick seems surprising clever and normal person wouldnt really notice anything wrong. A genuine person could easily fall in a trap if you help a stranger at airport.

I found this video on facebook and thought to share it with everyone even if its not Maldives. Who knows if any of you will not fall in a trap like that? So, if I share this video and if it prevents you from such a trap, thats one of the purposes of this website. You could be a very good citizen, but, if you are not aware of the bad people you could end up in a severe legal punishment that could easily cost a lifetime. Also, it could happen to your friends. Now, you can share this post on your facebook wall to save your friends from such a trap.

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