Feeding Sharks in Maldives Resort

Feeding stingrays is very common in the Maldives. But, this video shows feeding sharks in Paradise Island Resort. Every evening at 20.00hrs the resort have this activity to entertain guests. You can see about 20 baby sharks being fed at Paradise Island Resort, many guests are gathered to watch the show. These black tip reef sharks are one of the tourist attractions in Maldives. I have seen baby sharks in many resorts. In some resorts you can spot baby sharks at any time of the day. They are so many in population and it is nice, it is safe and friendly. I have never heard of any shark incident in Maldives. For their friendliness with human, dive instructors often say sharks are vegetarian.

Some people argue feeding fish is not a good practice, claiming that the they might lose their hunting skills. If that happens and when resort stops feeding for any reason the fish will not be able to survive. Others defend this concept saying that resorts only give them one meal, other meals they have to find on their own. This argument has been going on in Maldives tourism industry for quite some time there has not been any conclusion so far.

The fish are very punctual on feeding time. Resorts have an assigned spot to have this activity and fish starts coming about 15 minutes before the actual time. They come and make turns just like an aeroplane hovering above. Once feeding starts its like happy hour. After about 20 minutes the show comes to an end and it takes only about 5 minutes for all fish to disappear. Its amazing how clever these creatures are and they certainly have wisdom than most us would think.

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