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Local fruits of Maldives

Many people like to try locally grown fruits and vegetables when you visit another country. Maldivian is an exotic destination. So, you will often find Exotic Fruit Platter on the menu in various resorts. Locally produced fruits often give more health benefits a well. The locals like organic food and most of the fruits are grown organically. Here is a list of most common local fruits of Maldive.

Water Melon

Young Coconut

local fruits maldives
Photo of Local Market in Male'

In Maldivian lifestyle the locals would grow some of the fruits in front yard and back yard of the house. The idea is to have few fruit trees to surfice the needs of household. Banana trees are often grown in open-air bathrooms, the waste water from the shower are channelled to banana plants so it does not need any additional watering.


Guava trees don't need watering, the natural rain water is enough for them to survice. However, the harvest would be better if watered few times a week and soil is fertile. In Maldives people usually don't look after guava trees, they stay live on their own and bear fruits all year around.

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