maldives best

Maldives the dream

Beauty is something that attracts attention of people at large. People dream of the beautiful things in life. Many people must have seen pictures of Maldives and they are dreaming to visit Maldives. If you were working in Maldives and you ask the visitors about their travel plan you wouldnt be surprised to know they had been dream of Maldives for years, saving the income and doing the preparations way on advance. When I was working in resorts, stories about their dream makes me work harder, walk the extra mile to make it more perfect.

There are many people still dreaming about Maldives and so far couldnt come due to costly expenses. Few resorts are affordable to middle class citizens and these resorts often full in high season. Maldives needs to develop cheaper hotels and give opportunity for those dreamers to visit Maldives at least once in their life time.

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