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Maldives Holidays 2012

Looking for a great [highlight]Maldives holiday[/highlight]? Year 2012 is special in Maldives. Since the introduction of tourism to Maldives it has remained popular in parts of Europe and Asia. Lot of famous celebrities have visited [highlight]Maldives for holiday[/highlight] and some even chose Maldives for their honeymoon, that includes famous Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and many others in both Hollywood and Bollywood. For all these years Maldives was most famous among Europeans. But, this year Maldives gladly welcomed a record breaking number of Chinese tourists.

More than 600,000 tourists visit Maldives every year. This is twice the size of its local population. That itself tells something; the immaculate beauty of Maldives is a wonder of nature. Thousands of people take long haul flights for a reason that is good enough; when you reach the island it is well worth it. Presently Maldives is a finalist on New 7 Wonders of Nature, it holds 3rd position and requesting holidaymaker to vote Maldives if they liked the Maldives holiday. Tourists often say Maldives is not only a natural wonder but a wonder in its quality of service as well and hospitality as well.

Maldives holidays offer so many natural wonders. In the first place, the whole country is different from rest of the world. It is made up of only tiny coral islands that count as many as 1200. When you land at Male International Airport, the airport itself is situated on an special island which looks like an aircraft carrier. Then from there you take a speedboat ride to near by resorts or take a seaplane. As soon as you step in Maldives your holiday beings. You get a warm welcome by Maldivians and get escorted everywhere. when you are on board speedboat, you get chance to glance near by islands. If you are lucky you may see some deep sea fish such as dolphins. When you pass by several islands you see while surrounding white beach and different colours of lagoon, reefs etc. If a first time visitor is on a seaplane then you will experience something totally different from other flights; you cannot express the beauty of islands, lagoons and reefs when you see on birds eye view, you will not get tired of seeing the different shape of islands and spectacular arrangements. As if the travelling is too short the tourists always wish if they it took longer before reaching the resort. But, again, once you step out the sea taxi the paradise awaits you with its staff welcoming you. They serve you cold towels and welcome drinks before you could actually feel the powdery sand beneath your feet. In most of the resorts the reception is very close the jetty. So, within minutes your check-in gets done you are escorted to the room. Now, it is time to leave your shoes in the room and go barefoot.

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