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Map of the Maldives

This map of Maldives includes local islands, resorts, atolls, lagoons, sandbanks and reef. Some handy information below helps you understand little bit of the country, geography and the people. If you are looking for book a resort in Maldives this is the perfect page to read explore the country of thousand islands.

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See the latest map of Maldives with all islands, new resorts, useful country facts for new tourists planning holiday, world map and many more. It is also clearer that the above map which is the old version. New version on Maldivesfinest is updated in 2018.

This Map of Maldives includes all resorts in the Maldives, airports, local islands and desert islands. You can use this map to plan your holiday. Look for the right atoll and its not difficult to spot your resort. You can check near by islands to your resort, you can plan excursions or just learn more about Maldives islands. Google Maps and Google Earth are great handy tools too. it is very easy to find rooms in best locations of the island. Then you can request the resort to reserve it for you. But, note that your request will not be kept noted and provided to you based on availability. If you want everything to be just perfect for your honeymoon request the best and you may turn to be of extreme luck. Also take a look at other pages, you will find detailed information on Maldives holidays and what Maldives is all about.

There are 1190 islands of which 200 are inhabited with residence, 130 developed as resorts and about 20 islands leased to agriculture and industrial activities. More than 800 islands are believed to be touched and preserved for future generations. Maldives has 26 natural atolls which are divided into just 20 atolls for ease of administration. The capital of Maldives is Male', located in central Kaafu Atoll. Rufiyaa is the local currency and US Dollar is widely used across the country. You do not need prior visa to visit Maldives as a tourist. All tourists get visa on arrival at the airport.

Another interesting fact you can find on is the map of equator crossing the Maldives between the island of Fuvahmulah and islands of Gaafu Dhaalhu Atoll in the southern parts of the Maldives. There has been many myth about the equator, but in reality it is just an imaginary line that divides South Pole and North Pole in the mid point.

How to use the map

There 1200 islands in the Maldives. Searching the entire map for any specific island will be a pains taking task if you do not know the atoll. If you already know the atoll it is very simple. You can see the atoll name in black big capitals. Name of the resorts are in red. Airports are marked with flight icon.

There are 20 natural atolls which are officially classified to 26 for administration purposes. Just google the resort with keyword "atoll" and can you easily find it. Atoll are chain of islands. You can see the islands are formed in groups. These are atolls and some bigger ones are divided into two atolls.


Maldives is geographically located in South Asia in the India Ocean. The closest countries are India and Srilanka. At closest points Maldives is about 480 km from India, and 740 from Srilanka. The land area of the country is totally disconnected from other countries, the islands are scattered in the sea. Location of Maldives is widely popular shipping channel that connects South East Asia to Africa and countries in the Arabian Sea.


Official name, Republic of Maldives, indicates the political system of the country. The current president is Abdualla Yameen Abdul Qayoom, who came to power in 2008 for a term of 5 years which if re-elected can be last upto 10 years in total. Under the constitution the president is the head of state. Independent bodies such as Human Rights Commission, Judicial Services Commission, Maldives Inland Revenue Authority etc. are formed under constitution and does not report to the president. There is a ministerial cabinet and parliament is comprised of elected members from different atolls. Each of the 26 atolls are administered by Atoll Council and every island has an Island Council. Councils are independent bodies guided by the Local Government Authority. Council members are most commonly known to play active role in political parties.


Ibrahim Nasir International Airport at Hulhule' island is the main gateway to Maldives. It is 10 minutes from capital Male' by 24-hour operated sea ferry. This is country's mid region and is known as Kaaku Atoll or Male' Atoll. Other two international airports are both ends of the country: Haa Alifu Atoll and Addu Atoll on the south. As showed on the map there are many domestic airports and government is building more to eventually provide domestic airport access to every atoll. Seaplanes are the most popular mode of transfer among the tourists. It does not need an airport and could land in the resort's lagoon.

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