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Maldivian Food

Ever wonder how would Maldivian food taste like? The most popular Maldivian dish called "Garudhiya Baiy" means fish soup with rice. The traditional dish includes a bowl of tuna soup, fish, white rice, fresh sliced onion, fresh chili, Maldivian chili paste, sliced lime and sometimes with grilled fish. Just pour little bit of soup on the white rice, mix with fish and other accompaniments and enjoy the meal. Maldivians food is mostly spicy and often includes fish as it is comes fresh comes the sea.

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Maldivian chicken curry is a very popular food. Live chicken is very expensive in Maldives. The locals usually slaughter live chicken on festivals and this is the season of chicken curry.

For a dessert, "Bondibaiy" means sweet rice pudding which often goes with chili fish or chili chicken, sometimes with chili lamb on festivals. This dessert is very typical and not recommended for tourists. But, Garudhiya Baiy and Maldivian chicken curry are found to be very popular among tourists and many resorts have this on the menu.

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