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Maldivian Jasmine Tea

Unfortunately you cant easily get this in Maldives today. Black tea made with fresh jasmine was a very popular authentic Maldivian drink. In the early days of true Maldivian culture jasmine was grown near mosques and girls would go pluck jasmine buds in the evenings. They would keep the flower buds in a glass of water for next day's breakfast.
jasmine tea with fresh jasmine leaves and flowers in soft warm evening light
After many hours the water catches jasmine taste and aroma, then its added to cooked water to make black tea. This type of jasmine tea is very tasty and aroma is all around the table. Starting the day with a jasmine tea gets you to a fresh start of the day with a positive mood.

These days, packed jasmine flavoured teabags are readily available. But its now where close to its true taste. Nowadays its hard to find fresh jasmine in Maldives, rarely some islands still have few trees. It would be great if Maldivian resorts would plant them and offer to the guests. Its a true Maldivian drink and it was more than just a good tea.

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