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Maledivy Facts for Travelers

Slovakians call it Maledivy which is Maldives in proper English. Maledivy is a very different country. Best way to describe Maledivy could be to stay its a water village. Hundreds of small islands scattered over the Indian Ocean. In Maledivy your taxi often becomes a speed boat or small seaplane. When you travel you get to pass by many islands, islands descending and seeing new ones head. Islands of different sizes and shapes with varying colours are the sights to capture on your camera till your destination. On arrival to the resort you see nothing but paradise, the nature's gift all around. Its a different atmosphere you should experience at least once in your life. Visitors say Maledivy is the closest thing to paradise. So, come and get a glimpse.

Climate of Maledivy:
sunny throughout the year, except some unpredictable rain fall which usually does not last long. Temperate is between 27 degrees and 32 degrees.

Currency of Maledivy:
Local currency is called Rufiyaa. US Dollar is accepted in all resorts and widely throughout the country. Major Credit Cards are also accepted. Many resorts accept Sperling Pound, Euro and other currencies but not as common as US Dollar. ATMs are installed in airport and capital Male'.

Visa to Maledivy
A 30-day tourist visa is granted to all tourists on arrival at the airport in Maldives. No prior visa is required to enter and stay in Maledivy for 30 days.

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