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Maldives and Mauritius are not similar

Mauritius and Maldives being some of the top beach tourist destinations in the world, you may think both countries are similar. Infact both are very different. Maldives is made up of 1192 islands and each island is separated by sea. As for Mauritius it has few islands (like that of Maldives) and rest is one land mass. Mauritius offer wildlife and mountains as part of their tourism product while Maldives lacks both. Since Mauritius offers a variety it does not have white sand everywhere. Maldives being made up of islands it offers white sand beaches for all its tourists. In Maldives every resort has a dive centre where as in Mauritius the whole country has a few.

Both countries have tropical a climate. Temperate in Maldives is always between 28 degrees and 32 to the maximum. The climate of Mauritius is below 29 degrees in most of the months, lowest nightly temperature in July and August falls down to 16 degrees.

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