Miraculous Phenomenon of the Sandbanks

The islands in Maldives come many shapes and sizes. Some of them are too small to develop resorts while many of them have no trees at all. These islands which have nothing except pure white sand encircled with clear lagoon or reef we call sandbanks, or sometimes baby islands. Some of the sandbanks get entirely submerged at high tide and surface only at low tide. This continuous process of nature purifies the sands with tiny waves and the current of the sea, replacing foot prints with sandy patterns. A fresh island is born every day.


Sandbanks come in different sizes and different shapes, and not all of them sink during high tide. Even the bigger sandbanks and islands are bestowed with countless natural wonders. The greatest of these is when the entire sandbank is moved to another location within the same lagoon. Bigger ones usually move sideways while smaller ones shift to new locations. This happens twice a year, corresponding with the two seasons in Maldives. Yes, there are two seasons in Maldives unlike other countries. As the season begins to change, soil erosion starts to occur from one side of the sandbank and a beach begins to form on the other side. Nature continues this process until the season has completely changed and beaches are fully backwashed.

Tourists often question why people do not plant trees on these sandbanks. But if trees were planted, by the next season it could find itself in the sea, as the sandbank shifts its location.

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