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China helping Maldives amid Indian sanctions

30 Jan 2013: Maldives government recently terminated the lease agreement of Male International Airport with GMR Group of India. A Special treatment was allowed for Maldives under the close friendship with India under which Maldivians were allowed to visit India without prior visa and obtain medical care, export of food and other essentials to Maldives were permitted under a special license. The Indian government seems strengthening the sanctions on small island nation of 300,000 people. Meanwhile China has dramatically increased its aid and support in many areas including technology, housing, infrastructure, loans and financial grants to Maldives. China is the fastest growing economy in the world which forecasts indicate would challenge US in less than a decade. Its not difficult for China to look after a small population of Maldives size.

The sanctions are also affecting India itself as Maldivians have diverted to Srilankan for medical purposes. The Indian Airlines flights are reduced and is like to reduce even more in the coming weeks.

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