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Renewal of wedding vows in the Maldives

There comes a time when you have to rekindle the love in your engagement with your partner. A crucial and important truce that should be secured to avoid falling out and leaving each other. Rekindling the love ensures continuous care and love for one another and a new realization of what you mean to each other. The experience is guaranteed to be quite a good one and a memorable one, and this is attributed to the place of your choice for the visits in most of the cases.

renewal of vows

Your marriage is more efficient and powerful when you renew your wedding vows and Maldives is the perfect destination to do just that. There is no better place to renew your vows than the Maldives. Picture a stellar, majestic area for the renewal of your vows. Furthermore, it will be an indication for the one you love of how much you indeed care and treasure her or him. The Maldives offers you a wide range of the most dazzling and idyllic settings for this particular kind of event. You could not find a more elegant and enchanting setting for the renewal of your vows.

Perfect Location For Wedding
The Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean near Sri Lanka and India, it consists of 1192 islands in archipelago. The islands are rich in green vegetation that is surrounded by spectacular beaches with the white sand that spread towards the ocean. The view of the ocean offers a perfect spot to spend together, as you look upon the achromatic waters of the ocean sunset is the calmest and peaceful event you can find in the world.

What awaits you

The Maldives renewal vows ceremony has a range of services from the simple service at the soft sandy beaches to an ornate one at the islands shore or at a sandbank. The Maldives has the most romantic gateways that offer various packages to fulfill your desires. The islands are several and all can offer you the experience and memorable moments of you and your loved one for the renewals of your vows.The soft white beaches, the sky-blue skies together with the endless achromatic ocean waters that twinkle under the bright sun, the site is just bewitching! Calling on you to share and celebrate your romance while you renew your love with your loved one. Kuramathi is one of the best resorts that offer you the best choice of renewal of the vows packages to meet your desires.

Before the big day, at Kuramathi

As you will be waiting to renew your vows, the resort has in store for you the greatest activities and services to offer. All of which are for you to create and share a memorable experience with each other. All you will be doing is relaxing and indulging yourselves as you wait while the professional team of staff at Kuramathi resort is organizing for the big day. How cool can it get for you two!For the event, there are several venues that are available for you to choose. Some of these venues are;
•Sandbank setting- the event can be set on the delightful palatial Kuramathi sandbank that is surrounded by panoramic views of the pristine Indian ocean waters with the evening sunset.
•Island vows- this forms a simple yet resplendent service, on the beach, or under the swaying palms with the marine culture Kuramathi lagoon as your backdrop for the big day event, this is one of the desires of every couple out there. All is made a reality to you!

All these venues are at affordable or cost friendly to all. Now lets take a look at the packages that awaits you for this particular event. The packages include;
• An exclusive wedding coordinator for the big ceremony,
• Available, are handmade chocolates and immaculate wines in the villa on your arrival,
• A decorated venue with a well-prepared podium, palm arches with tropical floral decorations on it,
• Renewal of vow party that includes the master of ceremony, the maids of honor, not to forget the local drummers,
• A celebration cake as well as refreshments,
• Local finger foods and house wine for the invited party,
• A tropical bouquet for the bride and buttonhole for the groom,
• An album made from pictures of the event,
• A certificate, traditional gifts and a framed photo of the Weds,
• An exquisite five-course candlelit dinner on the beach served with good wine,
• Local sarong t-shirts for the bride and groom,
• Breakfast in bed in the villa the following morning.

More special touches for you!
Kuramathi resort wants to ensure you have the experience that will have you come back again and again. To ensure this, you will be offered some more special touches for the ceremony which you can book to facilitate your renewals of vows. The more the experience, the more the memorable it will be for the both of you. There is no other destination that offers you this kind of service and serenity of the best experience you could ever get. Make the most out of this experience and have your stay to be worth the while with the love of your life.

Renewal of vows: a 3-day celebration
As you relax and unwind together, the staff team will be preparing for the big day. It is a 3-day celebration program that takes care of what you need to make the stay perfect romantic escapade for you and your loved one! The program is divided into 3 parts;
a) The day before for this day, the program has in place a couples romantic spa body program that allows you to treat yourselves to an intimate and peaceful spa body treatment. This is set aside especially for the two of you. Inclusive, is a scrub, wrap and a massage, spa manicure/ spa pedicure for both of you. All of these are served with mimosa and fruit platter, for a duration of about four hours of relaxation!
b) The big day the preparations for the ceremony itself. Hair, make-up as well as grooming that comes with all the available on a simple request. This takes around two hours of preparations. Moreover, there is bridal and groom care; the grooming care entails skin reviving, hand and nail care and a full body one-hour massage. The bride care entails express beauty skin care, manicure and pedicure, as well as hair and make-up, are available.
c) The day after - a celebration for this ceremony is mandatory, that is why Kuramathi resort gives you the opportunity to celebrate it together with your loved one. This is accompanied by a full body massage of your choice! In addition, you will enjoy a bath and bubble experience. While the two of you enjoy, there is also a refreshing pristine wine and tropical fruits.Lets take a peek at what happens on a special day in brief;
At 10.00 hrs. the collection of the rings by the wedding party is done.
14.00 hrs. the bride is escorted to the spa for pre-wedding treatments. While the groom is escorted to a preparation room.
15.45 hrs. the best man escorts the groom to the location of their choice and waits for the bride. During this, the ceremonial troupe of men accompanies him to the venue.
16.00 hrs. the bride and bridesmaid are collected in the same ceremonial troupe manner and escorted to the venue. After which they will be sailed to their place of choice in a Dhoni.
16.15 hrs. the couple walks hand in hand down the aisle towards the master of ceremony who begins the service with the exchange of vows. The couple exchanges rings signs the renewal of love certificate and registry.
16.30 hrs. - continuation of celebrations of the ceremony with the cutting of the wedding cake, followed by wine tasting. Afterward, enjoy a Maldivian tea buffet and house wine served to the couples at the beachside table.
19.30 hrs. romantic candlelit dinner served on the beach or a sundeck. A special turndown with flower decorations.
The aftermath your new rekindled love life shall begin with romantic exquisite wine in your villa at breakfast.How exquisite could your experience get more than this? But wait there is more! The wedding cant be complete without a wedding video. These add-ons for the ceremony include;
• A bottle of Moet and Chandon to spice up the celebration of the ceremony,
• Digital video coverage of the ceremony, this is done both on the ground and use of drone as well to cover the aerial view,
• There will also be a professional photographer package,
• Traditional bridal bouquets,
• A romantic sunset cruise on the famous local Dhoni with a canape and some wine,
• And if there are family members or friends, can join the wedding couple for dinner.

Important to note!
The renewal of the wedding vows should be noted that is not a legal ceremony, therefore there will be no official documents issued afterward. Also, the wedding on the booked date and venue would be organized subject to weather conditions. The services that will be offered shall also be subject to review of their prices.

Cancellation policy
In the case there will be inclement weather, the wedding ceremony shall be canceled without any charges. The wedding shall then be booked again based on the availability during your stay. Cancellations for any other reasons can be received 24 hours prior to the wedding day, shall incur cancellations fees of a certain percentage of the complete package. All in, this a perfect opportunity for you to have that sample itinerary for your big day of renewal of vows at the Maldives.

Final remarks
All in, we could go on and on about how wonderful it is; however, this is only for the eyes to see and the mind to blown away by this heaven on earth. Give your loved the best experience that she will live to ever cherish and thank you for. This is an opportunity of a lifetime that should not be neglected, it will rekindle your love and secure your marriage, and for those that are unstable will strengthen the marriage.

And in the process, do not forget to have fun and enjoy the services in this paradise on earth. Allow your body and mind to relax for that one moment in the breath-taking place, a moment of romance and tranquility. Your dream all along is to enjoy most romantic setting, you will find it at Kuramathi. This paradise offers you the different renewal of love packages to suit your plans. So, the next time you are thinking of a destination gate away for you and your loved one, Kuramathi should be your new favourite and romantic destination place.This is not an opportunity for you to turn down, Kuramathi Island Resort is the place to be for you and your loved one. Give her or him the opportunity to experience a worthwhile time with that will imprint your affection and care for them, they will never forget! Let the love continue, just as you vowed on your first marriage, forever. The Kuramathi at the Maldives will ensure that this happens. Make it, the best the love of your life has ever had, because the place is the best there is!

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