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Things to do in Maldives - Excursions

All islands offer exciting excursions organized by the resort, usually scheduled over a week. Most of the resorts offer:
[highlight]Night fishing[/highlight] (a boat takes you to a reef in the evening, staff helps you to catch)
[highlight]Island Hopping[/highlight] (visiting some other islands, it could be resorts, local islands, dessert islands. It depends)
[highlight]Sunset cruise[/highlight] (enjoy cruising during sunset, watch out for friendly dolphins)
[highlight]Private Island Visit[/highlight] (you will be dropped to a dessert island, after few hours crew visits to get you back)
[highlight]Sunrise cruise[/highlight] (slow cruise during sunrise, possible to spot dolphins if you are lucky)
[highlight]Big Game Fishing[/highlight] (the deep sea fishing, full day or half day trips. Chef cooks your catch for dinner)

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