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Best Time To Visit Maldives

For most of the Europeans the best time to visit Maldives is winter, from the freezing cold they step into sunshine. This is the peak season in Maldives, prices are higher in November, December and in January it goes the highest. Christmas and New Year celebrations are biggest festivals in resorts. Maldives is sunny throughout the year, but from April to October is regarded as wet season which means unexpected rainfall is possible. The Maldives weather is very unpredictable, you might not get a single drop of rain while forecast says rainy. Sometimes you see raining on near by islands and you have sunshine or you might get rain for new minutes only. This kind of unpredictable weather is expected from April to October, that is the reason that period is regarded as wet season. In Maldives, when it rains the climate is warm, you will need to have airconditioner on in the room. If you dont have to escape from cold winter, the rest of the months are best time to visit Maldives. The off-peak months are cheaper and means more value for money. Winter is a time Maldives gets full, sometimes not a single room stays vacant. But, in rest of the months it is not that full and booking a room will not be difficult, still there are some months the resorts experience high occupancy. If you want the lowest prices the best time to visit Maldives is June and July, the rates drop as low as 50%. Sometimes the price remains high and you get free nights with additional entitlements. For windsurfers and sailors the best time to visit Maldives is the peak season. This trend is common throughout the resorts, hotels, liveaboard vessels etc. The seas of Maldives are always clean and clear to dive or snorkel. When it rains the sea gets warm (normally people think of the opposite), you snorkel in shallow water and should stay close to the island if you are alone. When it rains the current can change instantly and could easily become a threat if you are alone in deep water. Resorts conduct guided snorkelling tours, in these their trained professionals will take care of you.

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