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Tom Cruise and the necklace of pearls

Tom Cruise the Hollywood superstar married 7 years older Mimi Rogers in 1987. After few years the couple announced divorce and separated. It was then he came across Nicole Kidman while working on a film called Days of Thunder. Some speculate that he actually met Nicole before breaking up with Mimi Rogers, but the story is far less credible. Just like the previous marriage his life with Nicole lasted few years and ended in 2001. It didnt work out for him, something seemed terribly wrong. Like the previous cases, this time he did go for another marriage same year. He took time to think, to understand and realise why it was not working for him, why it always needed to end. It was a long break after the second mission. After 5 long years Tom Cruise met Katie Holmes and decided to go for the third mission. They got married in 2006 and came to the necklace of pearls or the Maldives, for honeymoon.

maldives the string of pearls

Aerial view of the islands of Maldives looks like a pearl-necklace thrown in the India Ocean, especially when you see many tiny islands lined in a row. Also, said as a beautiful garland in the India Ocean. Beauty seems to have a bong with the Maldives.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were VIP guests on their honeymoon in Maldives. They came in a private jet and escaped to a private yacht that cruised at undisclosed locations. The global media and the public were eager to know about them. The government only confirmed their stay in the Maldives and revealed no further. Some guests booked dinners from some other resorts, thinking they might come there, perhaps to take photographs. The couple enjoyed the honeymoon and went back. Many days later people realised they were gone.

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