maldives beach crab

Beach Crabs of Maldives

Go beach at night and you will find grey coloured beach crabs in any island of Maldives. They are nature's amazing creatures. You dont realise the humble job they do every night, just for you and tourists like you. They are the free workers who clean the beach for you. The cleaner guys dont see small pieces of food fallen off your plate or tiny clutters landed from sea.
maldives crab
But, these crabs does, its their food. They eat those small particles and make the beach super clean for you to enjoy. If you look for them in day-time you can hardly find one. They sleep deep in sand and comes out at night when you dont use the beach. They are so amazing that you dont even notice what they do for you, to make your holiday a dream come true. They walk the extra mile to make it perfect.

They dont get late to work, no off-days and annual vacation, no pay and no complaints. Its their life and they enjoy cleaning beach for you. The work begins always at night and before you go beach they would disappear into no where. Even at night if you go beach they will give you space, as you walk forward they will give distance. They respect you even when you go there during their work time. Is not this amazing?

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