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Best Maldives Resorts For Snorkeling

There are many websites listing the best Maldives resorts for snorkeling. So far I have not written on this subject because tracing out the best resorts for snorkeling is a difficult to accomplish with high accuracy. That was the case until recently I came across 10 resorts for best snorkeling on Maldives Finest. The article came with a short introduction of each resort followed by some snorkeling facts. Below the best 10 resorts on Maldives Finest.


• Baros Maldives
• Mirihi Island Resort
• Lily Beach Resort
• Kandolhu
• Reethi Beach
• Bathala Island Resort
• Diamonds Athuruga
• W Maldives
• Vilamendhoo
• Kuramathi


I had snorkeled at least 100 reefs in Maldives and I am confident to say if anyone could pick top 10 house reefs for snorkeling the list would look somewhat like this. These 10 resorts are highly recommended if your first thing on your Maldives-to-do list is snorkeling. Having said that you might ask who would not want best snorkeling? Well, there are some who prioritize other factors such as quality of beach over snorkeling. I am not saying beaches in these resorts are bad or not good. What I am saying is in terms of snorkeling experience in the house reef these the best 10 resorts I could find in the Maldives. Beauty of beach, level or luxury or guest satisfaction may or may not the best, factors other than the snorkeling experience in not taken into account in this article. Even though that is the case, I could say some of these resorts actually have best beaches too. For example, Kuramathi and Kandolhu are some of the best beaches I have ever seen at a Maldives resort. In Kuramathi there is a stunning sandbank. How many resorts in Maldives come with a sandbank that is attached to the resort? Definitely very few.


The sandbank at Kuramathi is natural. It changes its shape and size according to seasonal weather changes. Sometimes it stretches up to a kilometer, mostly it remains around 500m. Sometimes the shape is long and narrow, other times short and spread sideways. That's about the sandbank, because the beauty is worth mentioning even though this post is about best snorkeling experience in the Maldives.

The whole Maldives is a rich habitat for marine biodiversity. In most cases longer the reef better the richness. This is not always the case, but most of the time this is true. Also if there are many reefs in close proximity it is logical to believe that fish would find a better environment to survive from predators, hence more fish. The article on Maldives Finest took these factors to account while compiling the collection best snorkeling resorts.


In some resorts they have amazing reefs but access is not easy. This best 10 resorts have easy access to house reef. When you consider best-10-snorkeling as an experience factors like this needs to be taken into account. Even if someone comes up with "best 10 house reefs in Maldives" factors such as easy access must be considered, otherwise mentioned in a remarkable fashion to let the people know.


A gust looking to book a Maldives resort might not be asking every single question. Because if you are new to a place you don't actually what questions to ask. If guest ends up asking something direct from resort they would probably avoid negative answers. That's when blogs become helpful for guests.

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