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Best Maldives holidays

Maldives is a high class travel destination. Most of the hotels are luxury resorts. Four star resorts and even few three star resorts serve to economical clients. Unlike other island destinations Maldives guarantees you beautiful natural atmosphere, even you book a very cheap hotel. If you want to get the best of Maldives, you need to book about 2 weeks, its enough time to explore Maldives well. If you are not a diver you can do courses at resort and you must dive as the hidden beauty of Maldives lies under water. There are many dive spots in every area and different spots show you different types of marine lives. Apart from diving, you can also try other excursions, one a day would be ideal. If you are too tired try a massage at the Spa afterwords. Sometimes take break from all activities and just relax whole day. Find a nice shade on the beach, unfold your beach towel and sleep there. Enjoy Maldives the nature's way.

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