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Maldives Honeymoon Tips and Suggestions

Having met many honeymooners in Maldives during my career in resorts, this article is to give you some tips and answers for some of the questions you may have. There are many resorts and hotels in Maldives, so how would you select an island for your Maldives honeymoon? You compare accommodation or dining options? Perhaps the location of resort? Here's what I suggest.
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Your budget for honeymoon in Maldives:
Estimate how much you can afford to pay for your honeymoon. How much per night for accommodation? If you are going for an economy package you may want to book with all basic meals included in room rate. If your budge is $100 - $150, you may check 3 star resorts, $150 - $300 for 4 star resorts. Higher than that for 5 star resorts. These are rough figures based on low season rates, between April and September. In high seasons prices are up to twice or even more, on festive dates Maldives often get fully occupied.

Find the class of resort that fits your budget:
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I will later upload a list of resorts for different classes, you will be able to see all the resorts that fit under your budget. You may use search function to locate the post.

Check photo gallery or facebook page:
See if the resort looks nice. If it has a nice beach, clear lagoon and a reef close by. Also other islands near by the resort. Most importantly, I recommend a resort close to a sandbank. Browse more photos every week, until you feel this is the island I want to go.

Dining and wining options:
All resorts offer different dining and wining options. Bigger resorts tend to have more options.

Honeymoon accommodation in Maldives:
honeymoon accommodation
In Maldives resorts the common type of honeymoon accommodation is beach villa, your room is often few steps away from beach and overlooks the lagoon. This is a good option. But, if water villa is available at the selected resort I recommend to try it as it is different from your usual stay. You will feel water bungalow is more romantic for your Maldives honeymoon, especially if there is a plunge pool or at least a ladder to go down into the sea. I recommend to book at least 1 week or 2 weeks is best for a honeymoon holiday.

Dont miss in your Maldives honeymoon:
maldives honeymoon tips
You may think there is nothing to do on a small island. All resorts conduct different excursions such as reef snorkeling, island hopping, night fishing, day trips to sandbank, diving etc. If you are in Maldives dont miss diving or at least you must snorkel to explore the beautiful flora and fauna of the Maldives. An escape to sandbank with a bottle of champagne and a cheese platter is also very romantic and peaceful to forget everything else. Try other excursions as well, catch your first fish you never did before. Try the spa at least once during the stay.

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