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Why Maldives For My Honeymoon?

Maldives received the award of World's Most Romantic Destination in the last World Travel Awards. So, there cannot be any better place for honeymoon than Maldives. Based on my personal experience, I would like start my recommendations from your marriage it self.1. Do you plan to conduct wedding ceremony in your home country? Many Maldives resorts conduct a symbolic wedding ceremony which is called Renewal of Vows. Guests conduct their legal marriage in their home country and celebrate it in Maldives with Renewal of Vows. This is an exotic ceremony conducted at the beach. Wedding Cake, flowers and other decorations are done by hotel staff, you just have to bring the wedding dress. I have personally conducted several of these ceremonies and I highly recommend this for you. Prices will be around $2000 $4000. More options are available depending your preferences. I can provide you complete details and photos of these ceremonies I have conducted. Please let me know if you are interested.2. How long do you plan to stay in Maldives? During your holiday I recommend you to take a romantic escape to a desert island. Some resorts offer this, they will take you to a dessert island and leave you there for few hours. You can enjoy a lonely moment with your partner. If you are lucky (quite often happens depending on the resort you go) there would be you and your partner in whole island.3. Are you swimmers? Underwater fauna is the most attractive in the Maldives, something never to be missed. There is a diving centre in every resort as well.4. What kind of dining options do you like? Pick some from the following.* Grilled seafood* Thai* Indian* Barbecue* Arabic* JapaneseThe resort's main restaurant mainly serves international food, with some theme options which rotate weekly or twice weekly. Also, would you prefer an all-inclusive resort?Maldives is an upmarket destination which means luxury can range from $300 to $2500 a night. Let me know your comments, I will recommend you a resort based on options highlighted above.Month of june is low season in Maldives, which means prices are lower and depending length of your stay you can get free nights and upgrades in some of the hotels. This the best period of visit Maldives unless you want to escape the cold of freezing winter.Let me know on the above preferences.

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