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Long queues at Male Velana Airport

The year 2023 has turned out to be a highly successful tourism year to the island nation of Maldives. From January onwards the tourist arrivals have drastically increased. In March and April the tourism used to slow down in previous years but this year the tourism is still in full swing. Velana International Airport, also known as Male Airport has been observed with long queues with tourists lined up for departure. Arrival queues are also expected to be crowded during this busy period.

male airport crowded

There are some local travel agents offering tourists ways to skip the queue. It is a premium service ideal for guests arriving to luxury resorts. Ordinary travellers cannot afford to hundreds of dollars for the fast track service.

Despite long queues, the operations are taking place smoothly. Representatives from different resorts and travel agents busily assist guests outside the terminal.

In 2023 Maldives is likely to welcome 2 million tourists by the year end. This will be a huge milestone in countrys tourism development.Tourism is responsible to generate over 90% of the foreign currency to the country and it is the main economic activity. Natural resource are very limited and land is dispersed into 1190 tiny islands and major industrial activities in large scale face challenges to its unique geographical formation. Fishing is the second most popular economic activity, right after tourism. Maldives export canned tuna to Europe and large Asian markets. Maldives is also known to export high quality yellow fin tuna and blue fin tuna in frozen condition.

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